Achieving a “6 Star Food Hygiene Rating”

Achieving the unachievable, the ultimate food safety prize, the Holy Grail.

Back to reality!

The maximum Food Hygiene Rating currently available is ‘5’ however aiming for the coveted ‘6’ should always be the aim of catering businesses to ensure a ‘5’ Hygiene Rating is achieved and maintained at every inspection.

At Nansen Green we strive for the top score possible, a ‘5’ Hygiene Rating with no deductions, this is our coveted ‘6’ rating.

The Food Hygiene scoring system allocates points for failures during the Environmental Health Practitioners inspection, scoring between 0-15 points results in a ‘5’ Hygiene rating and scoring 50 or more results in a ‘0’ Food Hygiene Rating. Our aim at Nansen Green is to always ensure our clients achieve the highest scores possible with no points deducted across the three inspection categories, Food Hygiene Procedures, Structural Compliance and Confidence in Management.

A recent re-inspection at one of our clients achieved just that, Excellent in Every Respect - the Holy Grail.

Nansen Green's '6' Food Hygiene Rating

Nansen Green's '6' Food Hygiene Rating