Custodial sentence for London meat trader

A meat trader who supplied unfit chicken across London and the South East while processing kebabs in a cement mixer has been jailed, fined over £50,000 and banned from trading in the future.

The company supplied meat to takeaways and other food business across London and the South East from units in Swanley.

During the investigation EHOs seized almost 12 tones of unfit meat that had expired or had no sell by date that had to be destroyed by the council. 

Legal action was taken to prevent trading further while a warrant was issued to allow EHOs to enter the property and remove documents.

A subsequent investigation found the business owner has already been trading for a year prior to him contacting the council without any approval and that was misleading his customers by falsely labelling German made donner kebabs as British.

Meat was ready to be sold that had passed its use-by date or had no clear use-by dates on it, while there was no record of when meats had been produced, frozen or processed.

The company owner pleaded guilty to 21 food safety charges and was ordered to pay half the council court costs of £11,880 while his company was fined £30,000 and orders to pay the other half of the costs totalling £53,760.

The councils also successfully applied for a prohibition order to prevent the business owner from managing any food business in the future.